Connect your Bitly account

You can connect your Bitly account with Lexer to create shortened links using your unique Bitly URLs. This article will cover all the steps involved, as well as talk you through how to re-connect your account should it ever become disconnected.

Benefits of a Bitly integration

  • Create short links in replies in Lexer Respond
  • Create short links in posts in Lexer Schedule
  • Send forms using short links in Lexer Respond

Integrating your Bitly account

Depending on what account you wish to integrate the steps may change slightly. However, overall the process is largely the same. In this example we’ll take you through the high level steps of integrating an account with Lexer.

  1. Click on the Bitly tile
  2. You’ll see a column appear to the right of your screen
  3. Click the Integrate Bitly button

  1. You will then be prompted to enter your login details
  2. Click login
  3. Your newly integrated account will appear here

Reconnecting your Bitly account

Should your account become disconnected from Lexer don’t worry, we’ll let you or the original integrator know by email. To them reconnect is a very straight forward process, as shown below.

  1. Select the Bitly tile
  2. Click on the specific account which requires reconnecting.
  3. Click the reconnect button, and you’ll be prompted to re-enter your login details

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