Facebook Online Conversions [beta]

With the death of the pixel, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attribute online sales with online ads. In 2021 Facebook released their Online Conversions API (known as CAPI) to enable retailers and brands to truly understand the ROI of their digital advertisement. This is a complement to their existing Offline Conversions API, which you can read about here.

Configuring CAPI in Lexer

To start sending events to Facebook from within your Lexer Hub, you'll need to gather some information for us. Just supply your Lexer Success team, or our Support team, your;

  • Facebook Pixel ID and,
  • The Facebook Business account name & ID

Our team will then configure this for you, and inform you when it is ready to investigate.

Custom data fields

Facebook's current privacy policy requires that we define custom_data properties to allow you to query and interrogate the data once it lands in Facebook. As a standard, Lexer will include the following custom_data parameters when sending the events to Facebook CAPI.

  • State
  • Postcode
  • Product Category

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