Major Updates - 2019


  • CSV Export: export your audiences to CSV in Activate.
  • LinkedIn Integration: connect your LinkedIn Page to Engage and Outbox.
  • Salesforce Activation: send your audiences to Salesforce Marketing Cloud for activation.


  • Identify Performance: updates to prevent large unspecified queries to enhance performance.
  • Engage Performance: we’ve made a number of improvements to inbox loading performance.


  • Single Sign-On: configure single sign-on for your team in Lexer.
  • Attribute value searching: quickly add matched attribute values to your deep dive in Identify.


  • File Upload API: easily send Lexer your customer data files via API.


  • Saved Replies (Templates): quickly answer common questions with saved replies.
  • Product Images: images for products purchased will now display in the Identity History timeline.


  • Campaign Monitor: improved the activation process.
  • Vision6: added new integration support with Vision6.
  • Bronto: added new integration support with Bronto.
  • Listrak: added new integration support with Listrak.
  • Klaviyo: added new integration support with Klaviyo.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: added new integration support with Salesforce.
  • Instagram Ads: monitor and respond to Instagram Ad content in Engage.


  • Audience Split: new feature in Activate to split your audiences before sending to destination.
  • Reroute replies: new feature in Engage to reroute new replies to the last agent to respond.
  • Live inbox: update to Engage inbox to automatically display new messages, removing the need to refresh.
  • Inbox sorting: updated sorting options to allow you to prioritize open cases first.
  • Agent presence: new feature to display team members currently online.
  • Approval workflow: updated to ensure approved responses are attributed to the trainee.
  • Customer wait & agent response time: updated to measure aggregate values using median instead of mean.
  • Respond button: updated to include ‘respond and close’ and ‘respond and follow-up’ options.
  • NPS report: added new ‘all forms’ filter to aggregate NPS metrics for multiple brands.


  • Braze: added new integration to support activating to Braze.
  • Emarsys: added new integration to support activating to Emarsys.
  • Vero: added new integration to support activating to Vero.
  • Grouped messages: update to Engage inbox to group multiple messages from a customer.
  • Author search: improved the flexibility of the Author Name filter to broaden your query.
  • Activity date picker: updated date picker in Activity to support hourly filtering and preset date ranges.
  • Response metric: updated to count # of replies published instead of % of messages responded to.
  • Searchable date range: search for messages beyond 90 days back to March 1st 2019.


  • Compare Tribes: released an improved version of Compare Tribes in Identify.
  • Criteo: added new integration to support activating to Criteo.
  • Campaign Monitor: added new integration to support activating to Campaign Monitor.
  • Shopify: added new integration to support importing customer records from Shopify.
  • Date attributes updated: date attributes now support more flexible date queries.
  • Date of birth form input: added a new date form component to improve usability of entering a date of birth.
  • Facebook Page monitoring: updated to give you the ability to add pages within Integrate.


  • Lexer Tag: new javascript tag to capture customer web behaviour.
  • Khoros Community: added new integration to support managing your community forum.


  • Attribute comparison: new Identify feature to compare two attributes.
  • Mailchimp: added new integration to support activating to Mailchimp.


  • Integrate: new improved area for you to manage and connect all of your integrations.
  • Secure file upload: added new functionality to support drag and drop file upload.
  • Instagram hashtags: updated support for monitoring #hashtags.
  • Lexer Learn: relaunched our help guides platform with new content.

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