Message Templates

Quickly answer common questions with templates

Your team is probably answering the same questions over and over again. Replies to these common questions are most likely sitting in isolated documents on your desktop, gathering dust and away from valuable feedback.

Templates help shorten your response time, share crafted replies written by your team, and allow you to quickly find great replies you’ve sent recently. If you’re managing a team, using saved replies in Lexer will give you a single source of truth to create and review official on-brand replies.

Create a template

Open the Replies tab and click ‘Create New Reply’. Give your template a name, message, and specify if you want to share this with the entire team. Alternatively, you can quickly add saved replies in the Settings area of the hub.

If you’ve recently replied to a customer with a message that is worth sharing with the team, simply navigate to the Recent Replies tab and click the bookmark icon to promote it to a template.

  1. Name your template
  2. Write your template
  3. Share with the team or keep as private

Insert a template

Open the Replies tab and search for the saved reply that you want to include. Simply click ‘Insert Reply’ and it will be appended to any message you have already crafted.

Note: personalize your message so you don’t sound like a robot!

Find a recent reply

Great replies aren’t always scripted before the fact, and often occur in the moment. This is why we allow you to save your most recent replies for future use.

Open the Replies tab and navigate to your Recent Replies. Here you can reuse your recent replies, save them for the team to use, and also navigate to recent conversations for more context.

Manage templates

Ensuring that your team are using consistent language for official replies and sensitive topics can be challenging. This is why we allow you to review all shared and private templates in one place. Navigate to Settings > Templates to view and edit all templates in your account.

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