Retention Science (ReSci)

Connect your Retention Science account

When you connect your Retention Science account, you are connecting to an SFTP hosted by Retention Science. This allows you to send your Lexer segments and customer data to Retention Science, for marketing campaigns using Retention Science.

You will need to contact Retention Science first to setup your SFTP, they will provide you with a username, and password.

Once you've connected your Retention Science account, contact Lexer Support to configure your Activation.

Benefits of a Retention Science integration

  • Sync your Lexer Segments with Retention Science
  • Enrich your Retention Science contacts with unified data

How do I integrate Retention Science?

  1. Select the Retention Science tile
  2. Click Integrate Retention Science account
  3. Enter the name of your Retention Science account
  4. Enter your provided Retention Science username, and password
  5. Click Save Integration

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