Segment Overview

An introduction and tour of Lexer Segment

Segment is your window into your customer data. Group your customers into meaningful segments based on any combination of ecommerce, CRM, email and service attributes. Analyze the aggregated statistics for your segments, and dive deeper for insights. Segment pivots your data by Attributes, Segments, Profiles, Channels and Sources. Let's take a tour of Segment to understand how you can get started.

Tour of Lexer Segment

Segment Builder

All great insights start with a question, and that question is created in the Segment Builder. Using the Attribute Picker, you can create basic and complex customer queries.

Your search results are displayed on the right, and are broken into 5 different reports.


Analyze the aggregate attribute values across the customers who match your search. Click into an attribute to dive deeper and export results for custom analysis.


Segments returns the number of profiles in your search result that match all of your configured segments. You can narrow your results by clicking + to add a segment to your search, or download the results from the top right corner of the page.


Profiles returns a sample of the customers who belong to the segment you're searching. Click on a profile to view their segments, attributes and a rich engagement history.


Channels are your configured Activations (i.e. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads) and will return a count of the number of profiles that have a link attribute (i.e. Email) that you can use for targeting on that platform.


Sources represent where your data has come from. Each source will return a count of profiles that have at least one attribute from that source.

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