Your data in Lexer’s CDP

The years of questioning a giant database across different areas of your business, waiting weeks to receive simple data analytics, and being uninformed when you need it most, are over. Introducing Lexer’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) that brings all of your data to the one place that matters: to you, right now.

You can use any of Lexer’s platforms to recognize the power of using your data with Lexer. Here are some examples of how:

Become an instant expert of your own data: Identify

  1. Search through your own data with ease
  2. Explore individual elements of data in great detail

Identify bestows you with the ability to endlessly interrogate your own CRM data amongst many other sources of data, and instantly build complex combinations to analyze and learn about your data faster than ever. It does this by giving you access to multiple reports and data analytics tools, helping you see the distributions of data across endless amounts of audiences you build. Use powerful comparison tools to compare audiences for a data driven approach to richer segmentation, and activate on insights instantly by sending your audiences to social at the click of a button.

Convert your analytics into campaigns: Activate

Convert your analytics into audiences instantly, and send them from Lexer in a few simple clicks.

  1. Explore all of your customers at an individual level
  2. Understand who they are, and how they fit into your data.

Activate puts you in control of where your audiences go. Send your hand crafted segments from Identify, right to social, or configure an SFTP transfer to other sources so you can begin your campaign instantly. Use this to suppress new customers from your email campaigns, configure specific messages to your high or low value customers, or manage highly targeted social campaigns based on customer interest.

Keep your customer service teams informed with your CDP data: Engage

  1. Identify when your customers have been in your audiences.
  2. Use the next best action tool to recommend ways to engage with these customers.

Utilizing your CDP data inside Identify will present you with the power to build “Next Best Action” Tribes, which is the ability to segment customers down to a specific instruction. This gives you a direct way to communicate important details to your customer service agents when they begin an engagement. This gives you the power to identify customers who may be interested in further products, or who may be a high value priority customer, requiring immediate attention.

Witness your CRM data enriched against all of social: Listen

  1. Open identity data from anywhere, and any search within Listen.
  2. Learn the human context of your customers

Look at the entire world of social media through a brand new lens. Using Lexer Listen in conjunction with your CDP data, you have the complete freedom to explore conversations happening in the social world around you. You’re then able to learn about these people and understand how they’ve been enriched to your data.

Wherever an identity goes, so too will your data.