Identify API

The Lexer Identity API allows clients and their partners to created and updated Identity information to Lexer Identify.

For details on the capability and project specific implementation of Lexer Identify please contact Lexer Support.

The Lexer Identify platform captures a single view of your customers through data gathered by interacting with your business and third party data sources. Each Identity holds a collection of attributes calculated from historical data and also updated in real-time through the Lexer Identify platform.

Each Identity is made up of Links and Attributes. A Link is a unique, personally identifiable attributes including Email addresses, their Mobile number or Customer ID. An Attribute stores facts about an Identity including their purchase behaviour, communication preferences and service engagements, for example: age, gender, preferred store, date of last email open, etc. Clients can use the Lexer Identify platform to gather real-time insights on their customers and prospects by:

  1. Linking their proprietary data with one or more identities.
  2. Contributing additional information to enrich the identity.
  3. Consume an identity’s attributes into internal or 3rd party platforms for activation. All this is done within the Identity API.


Configuring a Lexer API payload can be arranged with the assistance of you Lexer account manager. All that’s required is an endpointUrl, formId and an attributeId for each attribute you intend to provide. In this example, we’ll be sending a selection of identity attributes, listed below, to a CDP holding for an apparel retailer.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Mobile
  4. Email
  5. Date Of Birth
  6. Address 1
  7. Address 2
  8. City
  9. Post Code
  10. State
  11. Loyalty Card ID

The request below will create or update the Identity within the Lexer Identify platform.

curl --request POST \
  --url \
  --header 'content-type: application/json' \
  --data '{
    "userAgent": "LexerForm/1.0",
    "7214a3187d2f93032a8f80a4c8e4b81a": "Cherry",
    "4b080f6c98be331d2c8cf851be44b428": "Ripe",
    "d6eb8306f3775b3747fab2e8f784547a": "0401234567",
    "8e4d895bd55fc7ab5119e8320ad429b9": "",
    "e65bec2905e4cb7913d602f1d2547c4b": "02/07/1991",
    "1947b50486e23683fa1a9c462084d248": ["86 Inkerman St"],
    "aa142815f69b4cd4eb3338f4d6b4a32b": [""],
    "744a150d8866eec4ad9f1bb96b2444ba": ["St Kilda"],
    "6255cf4431bee142bdd3b5163c54f5fb": ["3182"],
    "c31e0be373f98984578f9bdf2514fd38": ["VIC"],
    "e3b89d2bdd6913be0c98416a284457b8": ["LXL1047"],
    "formId": "e51ae7eb3da8f542e5362d6f14e46f49"

Each attributeId is associated with it’s formId to ensure that the correct data is being provided to the Customer Data Platform. When a new form has been configured by your Lexer team member you’ll receive a table outlining the attributeId for each of the requested attributes like the one below.

Attribute Name attributeId
First Name 7214a3187d2f93032a8f80a4c8e4b81a
Last Name 4b080f6c98be331d2c8cf851be44b428
Mobile d6eb8306f3775b3747fab2e8f784547a
Email 8e4d895bd55fc7ab5119e8320ad429b9
Date Of Birth e65bec2905e4cb7913d602f1d2547c4b
Address 1 1947b50486e23683fa1a9c462084d248
Address 2 aa142815f69b4cd4eb3338f4d6b4a32b
City 744a150d8866eec4ad9f1bb96b2444ba
Post Code 6255cf4431bee142bdd3b5163c54f5fb
State c31e0be373f98984578f9bdf2514fd38
Loyalty Card ID e3b89d2bdd6913be0c98416a284457b8

Internally the Lexer Identify platform uses links as a lookup for unique identities. They are also used to unify records across a Client’s systems, partner networks and Lexer’s public data sources.

In each case, the link must be globally unique - meaning the link must belong to just one identity. An example of this is a mobile number, which in almost every case belongs to just one person - however, an email may belong to more than one person - such as an email address provided by an ISP.

If a link is provided to Lexer which belongs to multiple Identities an error will be returned.

Currently, Lexer supports the following predefined links:

  • email: the email address of the identity
  • mobile: the mobile phone number of the identity - written in international format with no spaces i.e. +61404000000

We also allow clients and partners to write their own identifiers to an identity using the namespaces provided.

This allows you to provide your own shared IDs for distribution through the Identify platform. Common cases include an internal customer id, device IDs, loyalty membership number, etc.

If multiple link values exist for a single identity (i.e. they have more than one email address) then simply provide the multiple values as an array.


The API supports any values supported by the JSON specification:

  • Strings: "hello world"
  • Numbers: 123.45
  • Objects: {"make": "Tesla", "model": "S"}
  • Arrays: ["hello", "world", 123.45, {"make": "Tesla"}] If you wish to merge existing attribute values with a new value; for example the contents of an array or object; then you must first consume from the API and manage the merge yourself.

All contributions overwrite existing values. Lexer maintains a changelog for security and auditing purposes. This log is not capable of restoring data due to issues with contributions.