Connecting your Bronto account

You can connect your Bronto account with Lexer to create enriched identity profiles, and send lists of segmented customers for email and SMS activations.

Benefits of a Bronto integration

  • Understand your customers’ email behaviour
  • Send segmented audiences to Bronto for campaign activation

Creating new integrations in Bronto

When integrating your Bronto account Lexer requires access to both the REST and SOAP APIs. This will require you setting up two API users within your Bronto account, then entering the necessary keys, secrets, and tokens within Integrate in Lexer.

Follow these instructions to create your REST API user account.

Follow these instructions to create your SOAP API user account.

Be sure to give Lexer READ and WRITE access when prompted. We also recommend naming each user account Lexer so you can find them again easily if you need to.

Adding Bronto to Lexer

  1. Select the Bronto tile
  2. Click Integrate Bronto account
  3. Enter your Bronto account name
  4. Enter your REST API Key and Secret, you can get these here
  5. Enter your SOAP API Token, follow these instructions here

Further reading