Connecting your Email accounts

How to connect your Microsoft or G Suite email account for Engage

Lexer supports connecting your email accounts so your team can triage and respond to emails from Engage. Emails can be filtered into your inbox queue alongside social messages from Facebook and Twitter, giving your team a single workflow for all channels.

We can integrate with an email account from any provider, however Microsoft and G Suite are the most commonly connected accounts, so we’ll talk to those in more detail.

Integrating your email account

Navigate to Integrate and find the Email tile in the list of channels. All email accounts are connected using the same tile, and will require you to enter your email address and password.

  1. Select the Email tile
  2. Click Integrate Email
  3. Enter your email address and password

Microsoft accounts

Microsoft emails are the most common type of account connected with Lexer, and can be a little more involved depending on your setup. If your team have a licensed user account for support (i.e. and it has a username and password, you can simply integrate this by following the steps below.

Integrating a Microsoft account will prompt you to enter you password from the same popup window. Once you’ve entered your password the popup window will disappear and you will be prompted to save.

Shared Mailboxes

Unfortunately Microsoft does not support directly connecting Shared Mailboxes with third party applications like Lexer. Shared Mailboxes are designed to exist without a username or password, which is what we need to integrate the email account.

Here are two solutions to connect with Lexer:

1. Convert your Shared Mailbox to a User Mailbox

  • Convert your Shared Mailbox to a Regular Mailbox
  • Assign a user license to this account
  • Connect this licensed user to Lexer.
  • Emails sent to this account will appear in Lexer. Learn more here.

2. Replace your Shared Mailbox with a User Mailbox

  • Create a new licensed user to replace your Shared Mailbox.
  • Connect this licensed user to Lexer.
  • Update your website to reference this new contact email.
  • Emails sent to this account will appear in Lexer.

G Suite accounts

G Suite accounts are business email accounts hosted by Google. These differ from Gmail accounts as they are associated with a business and have a variety of team controls and settings. Lexer supports connecting your company G Suite account and requires you to whitelist our application before connecting.

Instructions for whitelisting Lexer in your G Suite account can be found here. Note: you will need to select app type ‘Web application’ and our OAuth2 Client ID is:

Next you simply navigate to Integrate, enter your email, password, and save the integration. You’re still able to connect a G Suite account with Lexer without whitelisting, however a warning will appear when you are authenticating. Simply click ‘Advanced’ and ‘Go to (unsafe)’ to complete the connection. Nylas is the application we use to connect emails to our platform.

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