Connecting your Facebook ad account

Within Lexer you can integrate your Facebook Ad account, which will permit Lexer to build direct activations with your Facebook and Instagram ad accounts.

In this article we will show you how to integrate your account for the first time, and how to reintegrate your account should it become disconnected. If you’d like to integrate your Facebook page for use with Listen, Outbox, or Engage see this article on integrating your Facebook account.

Integrating your Facebook Ad account

When integrating your Facebook Ads account you will be need to have your personal account linked to the necessary Facebook Business Manager account. Please also ensure you have Administrator permissions in the relevant Facebook Business Manager account.

  1. Click the Facebook Ads integration
  2. Click integrate Facebook Ads
  3. Enter your personal Facebook details, and login
  4. Select the accounts you’d like to integrate
  5. Choose the Groups permitted to access these accounts
  6. Click add integrations

Once your account has been integrated, we can build an activation with Lexer activate, permitting you to send custom audiences to Facebook. Please contact Lexer Support to build this activation for you.

Re-integrating your accounts

Sometimes we can lose connection to your accounts due to a change of password, or another easy to fix problem. We’ll alert admins by email as soon as this happens, and ask them to follow a few quick prompts to reconnect. All users can check the status of their integrations at any time via a coloured status symbol in Lexer Integrate (Green = connected, Red = re-integrate now).

Re-integrating your account is a speedy process.

  1. From the Facebook / Facebook Ads column, select your account for reconnection and click reconnect.

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