Connecting your Google Ads account

In this article we’ll show you how to integrate your account for the first time, and how to re-integrate your account, should it become disconnected.

Integrating your Google Ads account

When integrating your Google Ads account, you will be prompted to login using a gmail account. Make sure you login to the correctly linked gmail account. This could be a personal gmail, or a business gmail.

Navigate to Lexer Integrate, and you’ll see a range of supported integrations. We’re going to select Google Ads.

  1. Click the Google Ads integration button
  1. Enter the appropriate gmail account, and login
  1. Check all the accounts your wish to integrate
  2. Using the dropdown select all User Groups who should have access to these accounts
  3. Click add integration

Your Google Ads account(s) are now fully integrated and we can start sending custom audiences to them for targeting using Lexer Activate. Please contact Lexer Support to build this activation for you.

Reconnecting your Google Ads account

Should you accound become disconnected at any time, we will alert you with an email.

The method of reconnecting is very straighforward. Simply access Lexer Integrate, click on the Google Ads square and select the account that requires reconnecting. You’ll be able to tell which account or accounts require reconnecting as they will have a small amber circle next to their name. Once you click on the account, click the reconnect button, and sign into the associated gmail again. This will reauthenticate and reconnect your Google Ads account with Lexer.

  1. From the Google Ads column, select your account for reconnection and click reconnect.

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