Instagram Business Account

Connecting your Instagram Business Account

You can integrate your Instagram Business account with Lexer to monitor your posts, comments, and mentions of your account into Listen, or Engage. See a full breakdown of this data here.

Connecting with Instagram requires your account to be upgraded to an Instagram Business Account, as we’re unable to connect personal user accounts. In this article we’ll show you how to integrate your account for the first time, and how to re-integrate your account, should it become disconnected.

Integrating your Instagram account

When integrating your Instagram Business account, you will be prompted to login using your personal Facebook account. This is completely normal. You will require your personal account be linked to the Instagram Business account you’d like to integrate.

First, ensure you’re logged in to your brand’s Facebook Page on a separate tab, in the same browser as you’re using for Lexer. Next, navigate to Lexer Integrate, and you’ll see a range of supported integrations. We’re going to select Instagram.

  1. Click the Instagram integration button
  1. Enter your personal Facebook details, and login
  1. Check all the accounts you wish to integrate
  2. Using the dropdown select all User Groups who should have access to these accounts
  3. Click add integration

Your account will now be fully integrated, and we will start consuming all content produced by, and sent to the account(s).

You can continue to monitor the status of your integration from this page, and we’ll alert you via email should the integration break at any stage.

Integrating your Instagram Ad account

Instagram Ads are run through your Facebook Business Manager, so to activate to Instagram, you just need to integrate a linked Facebook Ad account. We have a guide for that here.

Re-integrating your accounts

Sometimes we can lose connection to your accounts due to a change of password, or another easy to fix problem. We’ll alert admins by email as soon as this happens, and ask them to follow a few quick prompts to reconnect. All users can check the status of their integrations at any time via a coloured status symbol Lexer Integrate (Green = connected, Red = re-integrate now).

Re-integrating your account is a speedy process.

  1. From the Instagram column, select your account for reconnection and click reconnect.

Monitoring hashtags

You can analayze public Instagram posts (not comments) in Listen by monitoring #hashtags. If there’s a particular topic of interest to your company or brand - say perhaps an upcoming campaign, you can add hashtags (or terms/keywords) via your integrated Instagram Business Account.

To add monitored #hashtags:

  1. Open your Instagram integration
  2. Select the account the hashtags are relevant to
  3. Add your hashtags (no need to enter the # - we’ll do this for you), and click the + button or hit enter/return to save

Through your integration, you can add up to 30 #hashtags. If you require more than this, please reach out to Lexer Support

Hashtag monitoring works on a rolling 7 day period. This means that if you have 30/30 allocated, and update any of these, it may take up to 7 days to start seeing content relevant to that term/hashtag.

If you’d like to know more about how the Hashtag Search API, read here

Instagram Ads

Your team can monitor and respond to comments on your Ad Posts in Listen and Engage. Before we can start accessing your Instagram Ads, you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Integrate your Facebook Ad account
  2. Select ‘Consume Instagram ads via this account’
  3. Integrate your Instagram Business account

Lexer will now have access to the conversations on your Instagram Ads. Your team can reply to these on behalf of your Instagram Business account in Engage. Instagram Ad comments are queried using a different Source Type, so you may need to update your deep dive filters.

Replying to comments on your Ads is no different to engaging on your regular posts. Your team will triage comments in the Engage workflow, and reply as usual. Hiding and deleting ad comments is supported, however liking ad comments is not.

Note: Instagram does not provide support for consuming Instagram Ad Comment Replies, which means we can only see the top level comments on your ads. You may need to view the conversations natively to guarantee 100% coverage of the conversation.

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