Connecting your Klaviyo account

You can integrate your Klaviyo account with Lexer to connect your email campaign data, and send customer segments for maketing activation.

Benefits of a Klaviyo integration

  • Understand your customers’ email campaign behaviour
  • Send customer data to update Lists in Klaviyo

How do I integrate my account?

Creating a Private API Key

First you will need to make a Private API Key in Klaviyo. To do this navigate to Account > Settings > API Keys. From there click Create API Key and follow the prompts, we suggest including Lexer in the naming of your Private API Key for easy reference later.

These official Klavido docs here can also help you in making a key.

Saving your Private Key in Lexer

  1. Select the Klaviyo tile
  2. Click Integrate Klaviyo account
  3. Enter your API’s name - we suggest pasting in the unique name you created in Klaviyo
  4. Enter your Klaviyo Private API Key
  5. Hit Save Integration

Further reading