Troubleshooting Integrate

This page is dedicated to helping you troubleshoot any errors you may be experiencing in Integrate. If your problems are not specific to the Integrate product, be sure to read over the fundamental troubleshooting checklist.

Troubleshooting Errors

Attribute not found

The attribute used in your form is currently unavailable to you. Don’t fret! What this usually means is there’s a permission error, or you’re trying to set up a form from scratch. Get in contact with Lexer Support, and ask about the attribute you’re trying to assign to a form or don’t have permission to use. We will help you get to the bottom of it.

Missing Group

A missing group error will appear when you have not selected a group to assign the integration to in the set up step. We actually won’t let you save an integration without assigning it to a group, as this is how we control who gets to access this integration. If you’re unsure of what group to assign an integration to, speak with your account manager, otherwise you can find more information about setting up groups and permissions here.

Invalid Parameters

An invalid parameters error will occur when the details you have provided for a field are not valid due to either unexpected characters, or invalid account information. Double check the field you entered is correct, and try again. Alternatively; to dive deeper into information for a specific integration, read more here.

Accepting Terms of Services

Some channels of integrations, such as Facebook, will require you to accept and agree with terms of services before using that integration. You will be asked to accept terms of services during the integration set up process, when entering details in a pop-up window. Failing to accept these ToS will cause the integration to fail - and won’t allow you to complete an activation unless you do agree with the ToS.

If you have reviewed the details above and you are still having trouble please get in touch:

  • Lexer Support live chat in the Lexer platform.
  • Email Lexer Support.