Connecting your SailThru account

You can connect your SailThru account with Lexer, this will permit Lexer to import your contacts from SailThru as enriched identities as well as create and update contact email lists.

Benefits of a SailThru integration

  • Import your contacts as enriched identities
  • Send customer email lists for marketing campaigns

How do I integrate my account?

  1. Select the SailThru tile
  2. Click Integrate SailThru account
  3. Enter your SailThru application details

This integration works by providing Lexer with your existing API token and secrets, and allowing Lexer to make these imports on your behalf. In some cases, setting up a new SailThru integration will require communications with SailThru. If this is the case, a Lexer team member will be in contact with you to have this arranged once your details are submitted.

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