Connecting your Vision6 account

Connect your Vision6 account with Lexer and create detailed segments of your customers within Vision6 for campaign activation. Then ingest this email and SMS data to further enrich your customer profiles.

Benefits of a Vision6 integration

  • Enrich customer profiles, and send segments for personalization
  • Understand your customers’ email and SMS campaign behaviour

How do I integrate my account?

Before you integrate your Vision6 account you’ll need to create a new API key within Vision6, ensure this is given STANDARD ACCESS. For more information see Vision6’s documentation here.

  1. Select the Vision6 tile
  2. Click Integrate Vision6
  3. Enter your Vision6 account name
  4. Enter your Vision6 API endpoint and API key
  5. Click Save Integration

This integration works by providing Lexer with your API endpoint and key, these permit Lexer to extract your campaign engagement data, as well as create and update contact records within Vision6.

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