Connect your Domo account

You can integrate your Domo account with Lexer, and permit Lexer to import your contacts from Domo as enriched Profiles.

Benefits of a Domo integration

  • Connect your Domo data for enriched identity profiles
  • Create detailed segments using customer data within Domo

Creating a new integration in Domo

When integrating your Domo account with Lexer you must provide a Client ID and Secret. This requires setting up a new Client in Domo which you can read about here.

Integrating Domo with Lexer

  1. Select the Domo tile
  2. Click Integrate Domo
  3. Give your integration a name
  4. Enter your Domo Client ID and Client Secret, and hit Save Integration


The final step

Once you've added your Domo account credentials to the Domo tile in the Hub, please contact your Success Manager, or Lexer Support ([email protected]) to complete your Domo set up and configuration.