Error code: 401 Unauthorized

Help! I’ve got a 401 error!

Trying to interact with one of your integrations in Lexer and receiving a 401 error? Firstly, don’t panic! This error is due to a lack of authentication, rather than authorization. What this means is that we’re unable to facilitate the requested action because there’s a lack of authentication credentials (logged in account) rather than a lack of authorization (account permissions).

This could be because:

  • You’re using an incorrect API key, causing the server to reject the authentication credentials.
  • The account you’re using has expired, or is deactivated.
  • You haven’t provided up-to-date authentication credentials.
  • The API key, or account, is missing permissions on the integrated service.

We have listed out a number of troubleshooting options for you to try below.

  • Double-check that you are using the correct API key that corresponds to your account.
  • Check that your account hasn’t been deactivated, or isn’t expired.
  • Check that the integrated account has the correct permissions.
  • Check that the IP address sending the data isn’t restricted in any way. It may need to be added to an “allow” list to send data.

If the issue continues to persist then please contact Lexer Support (via chat or

December 12, 2022
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