Forms and Surveys

Collect customer data directly from your customers

Forms are a way to ask the important questions - fast! Often, you’ll need to ask a series of security questions to authenticate a customer, ask for a net promoter score, or perhaps you want to narrow down the specifics of a query to deliver the best customer service. With Surveys, this is easy - this guide will show you how.

Why use Surveys?

  • Are you required to authenticate a customer before discussing an account/profile/booking?
  • Do you need to find out more about the query to triage to the right department?
  • Do you seek customer feedback to help analyze your team’s performance?
  • Would a contact form on your website make it easier for your customers to get hold of you?
    If you answered yes to one of these questions, read on and learn how to brief the right survey to your Lexer Success Manager.

What do I get from using Forms?


Lexer surveys are entirely customizable forms that you can send to your customers. When the customer responds, you will immediately have access to their full response, and will be able to see this data in their chat history, context history, and will allow you to use this data in Segment for deeper customer service analysis, or activations.

Forms in your service workflow

The best part about surveys, is that they’re incredibly easy to add to your existing workflow.

  1. See survey responses inside your Inbox, for instant action
  2. Simply click ‘Add Survey’, and have an auto-filled message assist you.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to remember surveys, by including a button in to your workflow. Agents will have the ability to select from a range of surveys created for your team, and can opt in to use auto-filled messages, for ease of use.

Build a Lexer Form

Lexer Forms are created for you, by Lexer, and are co-ordinated through your Lexer Success Manager. We do this to ensure that everything is set up effectively on our end, giving you the most out of the data captured. All you need to do is get in contact with your Lexer Success Manager, and provide a few details on the survey - such as the design, purpose, and the questions used.


Things to include in your Design brief:

  1. Your brand/company logo and favicon.
  2. Color scheme - these could be the colors used in your logo, on your website, on your company stationery etc.

You can choose the colors for:

  • Form background
  • Text (questions and answers)
  • Subtext (error messages, “please answer yes or no before continuing” etc.)
  • Highlighted/selected objects background and foreground colors (teal and white below)
  • Unselected objects background and foreground colors (light and dark grey above)

Survey questions

  • Number of questions
  • The order you’d like the questions to appear
  • Default message when the agent sends the survey link (For example, “We’d love your feedback today”)
  • Whether or not your survey should link off to a Terms of Service.
  • The questions you will ask, and the way the customer needs to answer.
    There are countless ways to ask and answer questions, so we’ve listed a few common ways to give you an idea of what to include in your survey.
Question TypeInput TypeExample Question
Multiple choice.Ask the participant to select from a series of options. Provide us with the multiple choice answers required.Which products have you purchased?
Yes/No.Ask the participant to answer yes or no to a question.Have you shopped with us before?
Rating (NPS).Ask the customer to leave a service rating (1-10, 0-10, 1-5 etc.).Have you shopped with us before?
Comments.Give the participant an open text form to leave you a detailed answer.Please enter your job title.
Check box.Ask the participant to select from a series of options. Provide us with the multiple choice answers required. This can include a single response.Do you agree with our Terms of Service?

Your Success Manager will then work to create a survey for you:


From here, we’ll provide you with a demo survey for you to make sure it looks great, and works exactly the way you expect it to. We’ll then take your feedback to make adjustments to ensure perfection. Once we have your tick of approval, your Lexer Form will be made available to you through your account.