GDPR/CCPA requests

How to submit delete requests for customers

In line with GDPR/CCPA, you may receive requests from your customers to have their data removed from all systems and records you have access to. Lexer is committed to achieving and maintaining the trust of our clients. We have processes in place to ensure all global standards are met, and our products and procedures comply with all data-related security regulations. You can read more about our security and privacy controls here.

Follow these steps to process a customer deletion request with Lexer:

  1. Email [email protected] and cc your Lexer Success Manager. In the email, confirm the customer’s identity details (email, customer id) that you would like us to delete from the Lexer CDP.
  2. Lexer will respond, confirming receipt of this request.
  3. Lexer will delete all information from your CDP that relates to this customer.
  4. Lexer will respond, confirming that the request has been completed.
    We maintain a 7 day SLA for all GDPR/CCPA requests.

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