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Enrich your customer profiles with Mastercard data

Lexer’s CDP not only allows you to load your own 1st party data, but also enables you to quickly turn on additional data sets, to enrich your customer data. In this article, we'll look at how Mastercard data interacts with Lexer.

Mastercard and Lexer

Within Lexer Identify you can access a suite of attributes derived from Mastercard data. The Mastercard dataset provides a view of how a particular postcode area “spends” in comparison to the rest of Australia. Individual Tribes can be queried, or grouped together for easy comparison of spending habits by geography. Within Identify, we report on the percentage of a Tribe who are considered “top spenders” in a category.

Mastercard data

The Mastercard dataset gives insight on customer spend habits, relative to Australian postcodes, and covers 25 categories. These categories are:




Retailers of petrol, used or new automotive retailers.


Retailers of desktop computers, laptops, software and accessories.


Retailers of home furnishing.


Retailers of department stores.


Retailers of lower cost department or dollar stores.


Retailers of college or university education.


Retailers of consumer electronics and appliances.


Retailers of sporting games, concert, theatre, amusement parks.

Children/Family Apparel

Retailers of clothing for the family or child-specific apparel.

Fast Food

Retailers of quick-serve food.


Retailers of fresh, specialty, and frozen foods.

Home improvement

Retailers of construction materials, appliances, paints, parts.

Home services

Retailers of home services, cleaners, exterminators, etc.

Men’s Apparel

Retailers of men’s causal, professional and formal wear.


Retailers of office suppliers.

Online (any)

Retailers of online stores.


Retailers of over-the-counter medications and supplies.


Retailers of camera and photography suppliers, photo editing.


Retailers of restaurants.

Courier Services

Courier/postage services.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning services.

Fin. Services

Accounting, insurance, and legal services.


Retailers of cellular and wireless phone providers.


Retailers of travel agencies, tour operators, car rentals, air, hotel.

Women’s Apparel

Retailers of women’s causal, professional and formal wear.

The categories are derived from the location of sale, not the contents of a customers basket. So for example, a person who shops at Coles will be in the “Grocery” category, regardless of the contents of their shop.

How can I access Mastercard data?

That's how Experian partner data works! If you’d like to gain access to Mastercard Australia’s data get in contact with your Lexer Success Manager, or our Support team: [email protected]

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