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Enrich your customer profiles with Roy Morgan data

Lexer’s CDP not only allows you to load your own 1st party data, but also enables you to access additional second-party data sets to enrich your customer data, such as Roy Morgan Helix Personas. In this article, we'll look at how Roy Morgan data works and interacts with Lexer.

Who or what is Roy Morgan?

Roy Morgan is an Australian market research business. They provide aggregated market research products to help influence marketing decisions and ad buying behaviors. One of their research products is called Helix Personas, and it is this product that can be consumed by Lexer.

What is Helix Personas?

Helix Personas is a powerful psychographic consumer segmentation and data integration tool that combines sophisticated psychographic, attitudinal, and behavioral data to classify the Australian population into 54 unique Personas, grouped into 6 Communities and geo-projected down to meshblock level.

Helix Personas and Lexer

To leverage Helix Personas within Lexer, you must first have your data tagged with Helix Personas. 1st party data that has been tagged with Helix Personas can be consumed into the Lexer CDP and queried like any other attribute. This enables your team to have every possible data point accessible in one location, and appended to your customer data.

These personas can help provide out of the box segmentation, that can help your team understand the mindsets and media behavior of their customers for more effective media planning, buying and creative messaging. There are 54 Helix Persona profiles that are grouped into 6 Communities.

Community Description
Leading Lifestyles High income, highly educated, progressive and success and career focused, people in the Leading Lifestyles Community enjoy cultured city living to the max.
Metrotechs Highly educated, socially aware, hardworking, ambitious and culturally diverse young singles, typically renting apartments in the inner city and inner suburbs.
Aspirationals Ambitious, up-and-coming, culturally diverse young families, young singles and couples, committed to creating a successful future.
Hearth and Home Closest to the average Australian, life revolves around the home for these contented families and empty nesters, who see their homes as an expression of status and achievements.
Doing Fine A mix of household types and ages including many young migrants and some older Australians, happily making their way through life on modest incomes across Australia.
Fair Go A mix of ages and household types, including those living alone and single parents, Fair Go are low income Australians looking for a better deal in life.

How can I access Helix Personas?

That's how Roy Morgan partner data works! If you’d like to gain access to Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas get in contact with your Lexer Success Manager.

September 23, 2022
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