Troubleshooting unknown integrations errors

Encountered an issue? We're here to help!

So you’ve encountered an integrations error and aren’t quite sure what to do… that’s okay because you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to our “catch-all” troubleshooting page. Here we’ll walk you through some tips and remedies to hopefully solve your problem. Just follow the steps below and be sure to get in contact with us if you’re still having trouble.

Tips for initial troubleshooting

When you first encounter an error, try resolving it through these initial steps:

  1. Try refreshing the page.
  2. Try logging out of Lexer and logging back in.
  3. Check for any known, ongoing outages.
  4. Retry the action you were attempting after waiting for 10~15 minutes.

Further issues

If you're still running into problems, let our team know!

We can assist you via the support chat widget at the bottom right of the hub interface, and


Below are some details you can give us that may help to resolve your error more quickly:

  • The full error message that appeared below the activation / integration.
  • When this error began to occur, and how often it is occurring.

And, with that, good luck!

December 12, 2022
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