Lexer products & tools

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely already using some of our products and tools. Here we’ll give you an intro to everything available to you in the Lexer platform, to help you find your way around, and use the right tool for the job.


Activate is the place for connecting audiences you’ve built in Identify to your integrated marketing and advertising channels.


Lexer Activity captures all of your team’s Engage data, including conversation history and stats, and NPS data. Use this to report on teams and individuals, and see a complete log of all actions performed in your account.

All Activity data can be exported, for granular insight, and your own external analysis.


Command is a fully customizable, live social report. Powered by your own Saved Dives compiled in Listen - use Command Screens to share insight on important topics, by displaying live content.

The great thing about Command Screens, is that they can be shared with anyone you provide the link to - great for giving insight to shareholders, and showcasing content at meetings or events.


Engage consolidates all of your social channels into a single workflow. Prioritize, classify, and respond to customers using custom queues, filters, approval workflows, and branded forms.


Lexer Identify allows you to visualize your data. It shows millions of Identities, each defined by thousands of live, constantly updating Attributes.

Use Identify to find out who your customers are, and gain insight on their consumerism, life-stage, behaviour, attitudes, and demographics. Tribes (audiences) can be saved, to view again and again over time, so you can spot patterns and trends. You can also reach out to these audiences through Activate


Integrate is where you connect your social, service, marketing, and advertising channels to Lexer, to give you the ability to push and pull data in and out of Lexer securely.

For customer service teams, this allows you to retrieve all of your inbound messages through social and email - in one, easy to manage workflow. Check out our Lexer Engage articles to find out more.

For marketing teams, it’s the home for your advertising accounts - connect them here, then head to Activate to send audiences, and update lists in your integrated accounts. You can also analyze and compare Attributes of Identities found in your connected datasets, to quickly gain insight, without the need to run a search in Identify.


Lexer Listen is our digital listening platform - a powerful search tool that allows you to analyze data from a huge range of sources, and is designed to make text easy to search and visualize.

Simply having access to this product provides you with access to millions of pieces of content across the internet. However, by integrating your accounts, you can also see private messages and emails sent to your company.


Outbox is a consolidated workflow tool for drafting, reviewing, and scheduling your content calendar for Facebook and Twitter. Save time by managing multiple brands and accounts in one place, and scheduling weeks in advance.


Our PDF Reports enable you to build simple, beautiful PDFs to share stories, information, and key topics across your business, so you can share brand-critical insights at scale.


All of your account administration lives in Settings. Here you can create new user accounts, update access permissions, create Tier Filters and Classifications, and manage your team’s workflow settings.