Troubleshooting technical issues

This checklist is designed to help self-diagnose any problems you may have experienced. Be sure to read over the Checklist before diving deeper into the details of specific errors

Your troubleshooting checklist

First thing’s first… the Lexer platform works best when:

  • Using Google Chrome. Check out our guide to choosing the right browser here.
  • You’ve recently cleared your cache.
  • You have recently restarted your computer.

So, if things aren’t working the way they should, first try:

  • Checking for any known performance issues.
  • Refreshing your browser, and/or restarting your computer.
  • Clearing your cache.
  • Using a different web browser.
  • Checking to see if other websites and programs are working on your device.

If you’ve checked all of these options from your list, below you can find details on more specific errors.

General troubleshooting - Access & Performance

For problems related to getting access to Lexer. Such as logging in and authenticating with 2FA.

If you’re unable to login to Lexer:

  • Double check your email and password are correct.
  • If you have forgotten your password you can request a password reset by selecting “Need help signing in? > “Forgotten Password?”, emailing Lexer Support, or by contacting your organization’s account administrator.

For any other problems, be sure to check out the article on Managing your account for more details.

Slow load times

Results aren’t loading/are loading very slowly:

General troubleshooting - Content

For problems related to messages, comments, articles and any other types of content that you expect to see in Listen, Engage or Command.

Missing Messages

No new content in appearing in the Inbox queue:

  • Check you’re logged in to the correct dashboard, some people have access to multiple dashboards.
  • Check the tier filters on the left are correct to display open objects.
  • Confirm you are included in the right group permissions.

Direct Messages aren’t loading, haven’t seen any new ones for a while:

Content behaviour

Closed objects are appearing back in the queue:

  • Check the tier filters on the left are correct - this should be set to ‘all open objects’ or your equivalent normal setting. For more information on tier filters, read more here

I can’t respond to this user/message? Reasons might be:

  • The author has blocked your page so you will be unable to respond.
  • The object has since been removed or deleted by the user (but will still be visible in Lexer).
  • The object is old and (ie; pre 2014) if this is the case you can respond natively.

If you are still having trouble please get in touch:

  • Lexer Support live chat in the Lexer platform.
  • Email Lexer Support.

For more specific troubleshooting, see the following articles: