A beginner’s guide to analytics in Lexer

We’re going to take you through some high-level examples of deriving insight from data through Lexer. This is a perfect article for beginners on their quest to Data Rockstardom. We’re going to run through several products that can help you with analytics, and give examples of the kinds of things you can learn using each.

What is insight?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, what is “insight”?

Ultimately, insight is the ability to get a deeper understanding of something. Within Lexer, there are numerous insights you can obtain about your customers, digital engagers, customer service team, and more.

In this article, we’re going to focus on:

  • Using Lexer Listen to assess digital conversations
  • Using Lexer Activity to assess your Lexer Engage Users’ customer service performance
  • Using Lexer Identify to understand customer data
  • Sharing your insights

Insights with Listen

Lexer Listen is our digital listening platform. It can access social data from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as published data from News, Blogs, and Forums. It can also be used to search for survey responses received from Lexer Surveys. The principle of Listen is to make text from these sources easy to search and visualize, for insights and notifications.

Some of the quickest insights you can gather from Listen are:

  • Volumes of source data
  • Most engaged authors
  • Trending terms

Learn more about Listen here

Insights with Activity

Lexer Activity works in conjunction with Lexer Engage, and records all data associated with your customer service team’s actions in your workflow. It’s great for reporting on team performance, and customer engagement.

Some of the quick insights you can gleam are:

  • Total response rate
  • Total number of conversations closed
  • Overview on classifications

Learn more about Activity here

Insights with Identify

Lexer Identify is the face of your CDP - it’s where we surface your customer data in a bright and engaging way. When we onboard your data, we convert various data points into “Attributes”, and these can be used to garner quick insights on your customers, their overall value, and overlaps that exist within your data.

Here are some examples of early insight you can derive from Identify:

  • What’s the overlap of customers between brands?
  • Which of my customers spend the most?
  • Where do my customers live?

Learn more about Identify here

Sharing your insights

Lexer Command

Command is a fully customizable, live social report, used in conjuction with Listen. Once you’ve gathered your insights in Listen, you can share your findings in real-time.

Learn more about Command here

PDF Reports

PDF reports enable you to share stories, information, and key topics across your business, and easily present brand-critical insights at scale.

Learn more about PDF Reports here