Troubleshooting Command

This page is dedicated to helping you troubleshoot any errors you may be experiencing in Command. If your problems are not specific to Command, be sure to read over the fundamental troubleshooting checklist, and our guide tochoosing the best browser.

Troubleshooting errors

There was an error executing the search. Please try again.

There are a few possibilities as to what’s happening here:

Date First of all, check your date range. If you’ve selected a date that’s in the future - no data will populate, and you’ll receive this error instead. Similarly, check that the date range doesn’t exceed 90 days. Lexer Listen, Engage, and Command all show content from the last 90 days. If you’d like to see data from beyond this date range, head into Activity, or reach out to Lexer Support to discuss other options.
Saved Dives Head into Listen, and check that the Saved Dive/s powering your Command Screen are actually pulling in content, and make any necessary changes to them here, to ensure the results are relevant.
Save your work If you’re testing the screen share view, Curate screen view, or API link view - first make sure you’ve saved your current screen.

Further reading

If you’re still having trouble, please get in touch:

  • Lexer Support live chat in the Lexer platform.
  • Email Lexer Support.