Set up email notifications

Configure notifications to email you when new content is found. You simply define your Saved Dive in Listen, choose the send frequency, and add team members as recipients.

Create your Saved Dive

First you need to determine the criteria for your notification. Notifications are defined using the tier filters in Listen. Once you’re happy with the content matching your search, simply save the dive and configure the notification in the column that appears.

  • Step 1: define your search.
  • Step 2: save your dive.
  • Step 3: set notification frequency.
  • Step 4: add recipients - send to yourself, colleagues, or a group.
  • Step 5: save!

Set notification frequency

Next you decide how often the notification should trigger.


Receive a notification as soon as a new object is found that matches the dive. Generally configured for high risk and low volume searches. Warning: this has the potential to become quite spammy!


Receive a notification at the beginning of each hour, with a summary of the objects created within that hour. If no objects are created in the last hour, no notification will be sent. Use this type if you required regular updates on a campaign or sensitive issue you’re monitoring.


Set up your notification to send a daily report at ‘x’ time. This will contain a summary of the objects matching your saved dive that were created in the last 24 hours. We’ve found that our users tend to set up daily 9am notifications, recapping activity from the previous day.

Our volume algorithm will compare the current volume of objects to the same time of day, same day of week for the last few months. If the current volume exceeds our defined threshold you will receive a notification. Our users tend to configure these types of notifications for broad mentions of their brand or competitors.

Specific volume

Configure your notification to trigger when a defined volume of mentions is exceeded within a defined time period. You must specify the volume and time frequency when configuring this type of notification. Our users tend to use this option for important or sensitive topics, such as outage messages sent to your social accounts.

Add recipients

You can simply add yourself as the recipient, or also include other team members to receive these alerts. Note: team members must have a Lexer account to receive notifications.

Remove recipients

If a notification is no longer relevant to someone in your team, you can simply remove them from the recipients list. Navigate to Listen, open the Saved Dive, remove their name from the recipients list, and save.