Marketing with Lexer

In this article we’re going to look at some of the features of Lexer’s Marketing software - Identify and Activate, and how they can help you as a Marketer. We’ll explain the differences between these two, and introduce the idea of Identities, Tribes, Attributes, and Activations.

Defining our terms

Before we get into the differences of Identify and Activate, we should probably explain some of the fundamental things we’ll be referring to.

What is an Identity?

In Lexer we refer to Identities - these are a digital representation of a real life, living, breathing human. Identities in Lexer can be made up of different kinds of data, like:

  • Your customer data
  • Social data
  • Partner, or 3rd party data

If you want a better understanding of these data types check out our Your data in Lexer’s CDP article.

What is an Attribute?

Identities have what we call Attributes appended to them. An Attribute is a piece of information we know about someone - this could be a product they’ve purchased, the number of emails they’ve opened, an interest they have, or a demographic they exist within.

When building your search in Identify, you search for Attributes, and this then returns all Identities that have these Attributes.

What is a Tribe?

A Tribe is essentially a saved selection of Attributes. Tribes update in real time, and will grow or shrink as Identities gain or lose Attributes that match your search. Tribes can be used for a few things:

  • Creating an audience for an ad or email campaign
  • Comparing one group of Identities against another. Read more here
  • Making a “Next best action” in Lexer Engage. Read more here

Once you’ve built and saved your Tribe, it will display as a bubble in your Summary window. What’s really cool, is if you then make a new search, your Tribe will dynamically change size relative to your current search. This is a great way to spot any overlaps that might exist between your searches.

What is an Activation?

An Activation is the final stage of a marketing campaign within Lexer. This is where your pre-built Tribes live, before being exported from Lexer. Your Activations are then managed in Lexer Activate.

Identify and Activate

Lexer Identify and Activate work together to help you build audiences of customers or prospects, and then send these audiences to social ad networks, email campaign platforms, paid search campaigns, or similar.

Lexer Identify

  • Visualize your customers or prospects
  • Build Tribes of audiences
  • Compare different tribes against each other

Lexer Activate

  • Send audiences to your integrated ad networks, email, or customer engagement platforms
  • Split your audiences to conduct A/B testing
  • Append audience tags to measure campaign success
  • Sync your audiences across your digital channels

The most important thing to remember, is Identify helps you learn about your customers and prospects, and is where you can save these groups as Tribes to then Activate. Lexer Activate is where you take these audiences and send them on to your integrated accounts.

Further reading