A guide to Braze activations

In this article, we’ll go through the features currently supported in the Lexer to Braze activation, to give you a sound understanding of the current capabilities of the integration.

If you’d like to learn how to integrate your Braze account with Lexer, check out our guide to connecting your Braze account.

What is a Braze activation?

The Braze activation allows you to securely send your customer data from Lexer to Braze, and update or create your Braze segments with custom attributes.

The activation permits you to send and update the following custom attributes in Braze.

External ID Non-Braze user ID.
Bio Bio included on user’s account/profile.
Country Country provided in a user’s account.
Date of birth Date of birth provided in a user’s account.
Email Email address provided in a user’s account.
Email subscribe Identifier for whether or not the user has subscribed to emails
First name First name provided in a user’s account.
Gender Gender provided in a user’s account.
Home City Home City provided in a user’s account.
Image URL Image URL included in a piece of content.
Last name Last name provided on a user’s account.
Phone Phone number provided in a user’s account.
Custom string For storing user input, such as a favorite brand, phone number, or a last search string within your application.
Custom boolean For storing subscription statuses, and other simple binary data about your users. This allows you to find users that have set to a true/false value as well as those with no record of that attribute recorded yet.
Custom float AKA: standard integers and decimals. Examples include recording shoe size, waist size, number of times a user has viewed a certain product feature, or category.
Custom integer AKA: incrementing integer custom attributes. Useful for storing the number of times a given action or event has occurred without counting against your data cap.
Custom array Array attributes are good for storing related lists of information about your users. For example, storing the last 100 pieces of content a user watched within an array would allow specific interest segmentation.
Custom date For storing the last time a specific action was taken, so you can offer content specific re-engagement messaging to your users. Date filters using relative dates, such as “more than 1 day ago”, or “less than 2 days ago”.

How do I activate to Braze?

To find out how to activate an audience to Braze, check out these handy guides:

Braze terminology

Identity segment A group of customers identified by selected attributes, like a Tribe in Lexer Identify
Custom attribute An identifier tailored to your needs - this could be products, or stores, for example

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