A guide to Campaign Monitor activations

In this article, we’ll go through the features currently supported in the Lexer to Campaign Monitor activation, to give you a sound understanding of the current capabilities and limitations of the integration.

If you’d like to learn about integrating your Campaign Monitor account with Lexer, or how to send an email with Campaign Monitor, see our guides below.

What is a Campaign Monitor activation?

The Campaign Monitor activation allows you to securely send customer data from Lexer to your connected Campaign Monitor accounts. You can:

  • create new Subscriber lists,
  • update existing lists,
  • update Custom Fields, and
  • create new segments

The activation is configured with two options, CDP Sync, and Create Segment. When activating to Campaign Monitor, you only ever need to select “Create Segment” which will push across your Lexer audience, create a segment, and allow you to build your campaign. Once the Segment is created in Campaign Monitor, the CDP Sync will twice daily “sync” your contact data and populate the Segments within Campaign Monitor.

Configuring Campaign Monitor

You will need to make two custom fields on each List in Campaign Monitor you plan on sending data to.

Field name Data Type
Lexer Tribes Multiple Options (can select many)
Latest Lexer Audience Text

The below GIF steps you through creating a new list, and adding the necessary custom fields.

  1. Navigate to Lists & subscribers
  2. Select Create a new list
  3. Give your list a name, leave it as single opt-in and click create list
  4. Select Custom Fields
  5. Add your two fields (Lexer Tribes = Multi select, and Latest Lexer Audience = Text)
  6. You’re done!

Segments, Custom Fields, and Lists

Within Campaign Monitor, your contacts (known as subscribers) exist within Lists. Each List has its own unique Custom Fields, which in turn can influence customer Segments created within your List.

When delivering email campaigns, you select a List to send to, target a Segment within the List, and then personalise your email copy using Custom Fields to include your customers name, birthday, loyalty status, and so on.

How do I activate to Campaign Monitor?

To find out how to activate an audience to Campaign Monitor, check out these handy guides:

Campaign Monitor terminology

Subscribers These are your contacts or Identities within Campaign Monitor. Subscribers can be Active, Deleted, or Unsubscribed.
Lists A List in Campaign Monitor is a group of Subscribers. You can have multiple, and overlapping lists with Campaign Monitor. Lists will form the foundation of any automation within Campaign Monitor, and when creating a campaign you target Lists instead of individual Subscribers.
Custom field A dynamic field that contains data unique to individual Subscribers, like an Attribute within Lexer. This could be their first/last name, mobile number, loyalty ID, or loyalty balance to name a few. These fields become the building blocks for your Segments in Campaign Monitor.
Segment A Segment in Campaign Monitor is just a subset of contacts within a list. Custom fields on contacts are used to define your segments. Your Lexer activation can create segments of your contacts using your activation’s audience name.

Further reading

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