A guide to MailChimp activations

In this article, we’ll go through the features currently supported in the Lexer to MailChimp activation, to give you a sound understanding of the current capabilities and limitations of the integration.

If you’d like to learn about simply integrating your MailChimp account with Lexer, or how to send an email with MailChimp, see our guides below.

What is a MailChimp activation?

A MailChimp activation allows you to securely send customer data from Lexer to MailChimp, and update existing audiences with tags for email campaigns.

The activation permits you to only update existing audiences within MailChimp. We update these audiences by doing one or more of the following actions:

  • Add a tag to a record
  • Remove a tag from a record
  • Add a new record to an audience
  • Update existing merge fields (we can see a maximum of 50 merge fields per audience contact Lexer Support if your audience has more)

This activation does not do any of the following:

  • Create new audiences in MailChimp
  • Delete audiences in MailChimp
  • Remove records from audiences
  • Unsubscribe users from audiences
  • Unsubscribe users in any capacity
  • Create new merge fields on audiences

How do I activate to MailChimp?

To find out how to activate an audience to MailChimp, check out these handy guides:

Mailchimp terminology

Audience (formerly lists) An audience in MailChimp is a collection of customers and the information you have on them. Best practice would call for fewer audiences within your Mailchinp account, as you get charged for every record in every audience.
Tag A tag is applied to a customer record within an audience. It enables you to segment an audience, and then activate on that segment. When you activate an audience from Lexer, the audience name will become your tag.
Merge field A dynamic field that contains data unique to individual customers. This could be their first/last name, mobile number, loyalty ID, or loyalty balance to name a few. These are used in Mailchimp templates to allow for greater personalisation in an email.

Further reading

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