Measurement Attributes

Keeping track of the customers you’ve included in audiences can be difficult, particularly if you’re running multiple campaigns at once. Activate helps you understand who you’ve sent to each audience by appending Attributes to each customer. You can use these Attributes to query these customers in Identify, and understand their behaviours post campaign.

Why measure my audiences?

Appending audience Attributes to your customers allows you to query these Identities in Identify and learn from their behaviour. You can create a Tribe of customers sent to your most recent campaign in Facebook, and find out what makes this conversion segment interesting.

For example, you can search for customers included in an audience, and also include an Attribute for ‘recently purchased’ to understand the conversion rate from within Identify.

How does it work?

Sending an audience, with this option enabled, will populate three different Attributes for each customer included in your audience:

Included in audience The audience name i.e. Active Customers
Sent to integration The integration name i.e. AUS Apparel
Sent to channel The channel name i.e. Twitter

Each of these Attributes will appear on the Identity profile for the customers included in your audience, and can be added to your Deep Dive in Identify when creating Tribes.

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