Sending your data to Lexer

Lexer’s Customer Data Platform gives you the ability to import CSV files of your customer data for use within the CDP. Using the Secure File Upload feaure, located within Integrate, you’re able to simply drag and drop your data file to upload it securely to Lexer. This data can then be loaded, and used to enrich your existing client data, or populate new data fields.

How to use Secure File Uploads

Simply navigate to Lexer Integrate, then find the Secure File Upload tile. Once you’ve clicked on the tile, a column will appear to the right of the integrations list. You then can either drag and drop a file into the white box, or clicking the white box will reveal a file explorer allowing you to search for the specific file.

  1. Select Secure File Upload
  2. Either drag and drop your file here, or click on the white area to open a file explorer

What file types do you support?

We currently support the following file types:

File type File name
.csv A comma separated value file
.zip A common type of compressed file

Additionally, we provide guides and descriptions of fields of data, formatting and headings that we like the most. Following these guides will ensure that your data will appear in Lexer’s CDP in the fastest, and easiest to use way.

Can I ZIP any file type?

No. Presently we only accept .CSV files, or zipped .CSV files. Any other file type detected within the zip file will be rejected by Lexer’s system. If you’d like to request additional data types be received, please contact our Support team.

What happens after I upload data?

Lexer will notify you when your file has succesfully uploaded, by using in app notifications. As CSV’s can be any variety of combinations, we have practices set in place to ensure it arrives in the platform in the best fit for your use. The data guides here provide you examples of what certain fields will look like after you’ve sent us a file.

The type of data you send us will impact how quickly we can process and load it into your CDP, we recommend contacting your dedicated Success Manager, or our Support team for an accurate timeline.

For more information about what your data can do in Lexer, read our guide to your data in Lexer’s Customer Data Platform.