Send an email list to Google

This article will be looking at publishing an ad on the Google Ads network, via Google Ads, using Lexer Activate. Before you get into it make sure you have the following ready:

  • Access to your Google Ads account
  • An integrated Google Ads account
  • A Google Ads activation in Lexer Activate
  • A tribe or tribes saved in Lexer Identify
  • Your Google Ads account must have an average annual spend of over $50k USD

You can read more about integrating accounts here, or if you need a refresh on setting up tribes, head here.

Creating your activation

First, you’re going to navigate to Lexer Activate. Activate allows you to send audiences to social, search, email platforms, and keep up to date on your activation status. Learn more about Activate here.

Your first step is to click “ACTIVATE NEW AUDIENCE”. As you’re sending this to Google, select the appropriate Google Ad account.

Next we’re going to pick your relevant tribe or tribes, and send your audience. If your combined audience size is greater than 1 million, schedule the activation and get in touch with Lexer Support to approve the audience.

Set and forget - auto-updating audiences

You have the option to enable always-on audiences to Google, which will add and subtract customers as they move in and out of your tribe. In this example we’re targeting customers who haven’t installed your loyalty app, so as new users download it they’ll be removed from your audience. Audiences in Google are updated twice a day (every 12 hours) with a refreshed list of customers that now match your tribe’s parameters. If you’d like to make a change to the frequency that this updates, contact Lexer Support.

Once you send an audience, you can begin building this activation and sending it to your chosen Google Ads account. The