You’ve built a Saved Dive, discovered what people are saying about your brand through Listen, and reported on this through Command. Now you want to tell a story through a live stream of pictures on your website, or at your next event, or meeting - this is where Curate comes in.

What is Curate?

Curate is a tool that allows you to easily display a stream of curated images and videos on a web page or digital screen.

It’s made up of images from content in your chosen Saved Dive. If you haven’t already searched for the topic you’re wanting to showcase, check out our a guide to building a search in Listen.

Curate is accessed through Command. If you don’t have access to this, reach out to Lexer Support.

What does a Curate Screen look like?

The images displayed are pulled from any objects in your Saved Dive that contain images. This one shows the images gathered from Instagram posts about online clothes retailers:

How do I make a Curate Screen?

Your Curate Screen is powered by Command, which is powered by a Saved Dive. So once you’re happy with the results of your search, head into Command.

You’re only going to need one chart on your Command Screen to produce a Curate Screen - a Recent Mentions chart, or a Recent Media chart. These are the only types of charts that display images, and have a function that will turn your chart into live display of all the images.

  1. Select New Screen.
  2. Give your screen a Name - this should be the thing you’re reporting on. There’s an option to leave a Comment - this acts as an internal note, so should be something you’ll use to keep track (like the date), or if you perhaps want to put your name on it. Choose whether you’d like to keep your date rolling live, by selecting Now, or have a fixed end date by selecting Fixed.
  3. Hit Save.
  4. Select New Chart
  5. Add either a RECENT MENTIONS, or RECENT MEDIA chart - whatever works for you. Fill out the required fields as prompted, choose the Save Dive you’d like to display images from, and select the timeframe you’d like to report on.
  6. Hit Save again.
  7. In the top, right corner of your chart, you’ll notice a button with 9 squares. Give it a click!

You now have a Curate Screen.

How do I share a Curate Screen?

When your Curate Screen is active, you can simply share the URL with your audience - this will work with any browser, on any device. Share the URL with your IT/Marketing team to embed in your brand’s site.


Is a Curate Screen live? Yes. The images are live, as of the time you display the screen.

Does the screen auto-refresh with new content? No. A Curate Screen is static - it’s designed to show you latest content when you load a web page. But there are two things you can do to ensure you’re displaying the latest content.

  • Refresh your Command Screen in a separate tab to get the latest content, then hit refresh on your Curate Screen display.
  • Append &refresh=true to your Curate feed URL, to refresh your browser every 5 minutes.