Troubleshooting the unexpected on a Curate Screen

This page is dedicated to helping you troubleshoot any issues you encounter with Curate. If your problems are not specific to the Curate product, be sure to read over the fundamental troubleshooting checklist, and our guide tochoosing the best browser.

Why are thumbnail images not showing for Instagram videos?

Instagram expire the image url for videos if they haven’t been viewed within a couple of days of appearing in Lexer.

With this in mind, you’ll be able to see videos in Listen, and on your Command/Curate Screen if you view a search that contains them regularly.

While we still hold information about posts that were not viewed in Lexer within the last couple of days of being posted, they’ll need to be viewed natively to see their content.

Why is there no content showing on my Curate Screen?

There could be a number of reasons for this:

Check the Saved Dive powering your feed

The first step to take would be to check that the Saved Dive that’s powering your Command/Curate Screen. Head in Listen, and make sure the search is pulling in the content you’re expecting.

If you want to edit your Saved Dive, and need a nudge in the right direction, check out our introduction to Lexer Listen for an overview on building a search, and out guide to Types of tier Filters to look at how you can build them out.

Reach out to Lexer Support if you’d like some help with this.

Make sure you’re monitoring the account you wish to pull content from

The internet is a big place, and can’t consume all of it. So we monitor terms and accounts that are relevant to our clients, to ensure we’re consuming their public content.

Facebook You can monitor your own Facebook Pages.
Instagram You can monitor your own hashtags. The Instagram API is quite restrictive in terms of how much content it allows third parties like Lexer to see. Monitoring hashtags is helpful to a degree, though you can retrieve more content relevant to your brand by integrating your Instagram account. This enables your own posts to become visible in Lexer, and for you to see all comments people post to your account.
Twitter To request monitoring for Twitter accounts, reach out to Lexer Support.
Published (news, blogs, forums etc.) To request monitoring for published content, reach out to Lexer Support.

Read more about why we monitor content here.

If you’ve reviewed the details above and are still having trouble, please get in touch:

  • Lexer Support live chat in the Lexer platform.
  • Email Lexer Support.