Applying a bulk change to your Inbox results

Learn how to bulk classify and close messages from your inbox to save time.

“Apply Bulk Change” is a function that can be used within Lexer Engage to apply Classifications, or change the State of your results in bulk. The

When to bulk change

There are a few instances in which it would be helpful to apply a change to your search results in bulk:

  • Close out many open messages
  • Classify a relevant set of search results

How to bulk change

Whether you’re working in Lexer Engage or Lexer Listen, the process to apply Bulk Change is the same. However, it’s generally easier to view the content you’d like to apply the change to in Listen, so we’re going to demonstrate how to do it this way.

  1. Action > Apply Bulk Change.
  1. Add or remove classifications.
  2. Specify the workflow state for these messages.
  3. Select the messages to update.


Bulk changes cannot be undone! Apply with care.


Bulk changing messages cannot be undone, so double check your list of messages before clicking Apply. If you do happen to bulk change a group of messages in the wrong way, you can update your search filters to find these messages and bulk change them back. Simply search for the classifications and state that you change the messages to.

Bulk change can be applied to a maximum of 2000 messages at a time. Re-run the search after you’ve applied the change to see the remaining messages in your search results, and run the bulk change again.

Assign to Selected list of objects will display all of the messages that exist in your Inbox or Live Stream. This includes messages in the New, Mine and Team tabs of the Inbox.