Connecting your Cordial SFTP

You can link your Cordial and Lexer hubs via SFTP to enable to sending of customer profiles from Lexer into Cordial. This allows the enrichment of Cordial data, as well as the adding of new records.

How do I connect Lexer and Cordial?

To connect both hubs, you first need to have your Cordial SFTP whitelisted by Lexer. This involves generating a Public Key in Cordial's UI, and then sending that to Lexer Support or your Success Manager. You will also need to provide the three IP addresses below;


Creating a Public Key in Cordial

You will first need to login to your Cordial account to create a Public Key. Once logged in:

  1. Under your username in the top right hand corner, navigate to ACCOUNT SETTINGS
  2. On the left hand side of screen click on SECRETS VAULT
  3. Create a new "secret" (key) by clicking the NEW button, and giving it a name and description
  4. After you save it, a pop up will appear with a long string of numbers letters and symbols, you will need to send this to Lexer Support or your Success Manager

From here our team will ensure your key and the IP addresses above are whitelisted against your Lexer SFTP. Once we've notified you this has been done, you will be able to start transferring CSV files of records from Lexer into Cordial.

Sending records to Cordial

  1. Create the Segment in Lexer, then navigate to Activate and send your audience.
    1. Keep a copy of the name of your activation, this will become the name of the file once it arrives in Cordial.
    2. For example, if your activation name is 210112 High Value customers, it will be 210112_High_Value_customers.csv in Cordial
  2. Navigate to Cordial and login
  4. Select the SFTP option, and enter the details as displayed in the table below. If you are unsure about any of these please contact Lexer Support
  5. Next to AUTHENTICATION select Saved Key and drop the drop down select your previously saved public key
  6. You can elect to have your file imported instantly or on a schedule, if you want to maintain the audience in Cordial select schedule
  7. Click CONTINUE and follow the prompts to import your data and name your import

Server Domain (AU customers)

Server Domain (US customers)






<customer name> eg Lexer would be lexer

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