Attribute value types

A guide to the different Attribute value types

Attributes, which are used to capture information about profiles, come in different types which determine how you search and visualize data in Lexer. Let's explore the various types and when they are used.


Flag Attributes contain a simple 'True' value and are typically used to indicate a profile belongs to a data source in your account. For example, searching for the Mailchimp Record Attribute will find all profiles that have a record in your Mailchimp dataset. Flag Attribute results will simply tell you the count of profiles that match your search.


Number Attributes contain any fact about the profile that is represented in an integer or flat format. For example, order counts, total spend, and NPS score are all represented as numbers. Segment allows you to search for specific number values or number ranges. Number Attributes can be graphed as sums, averages and in bucketed ranges.


Date Attributes contain a date time fact about the profile. For example, the date of latest order or sign up date are represented in this way. Segment allows you to search for specific dates or date ranges. Date Attributes can be graphed in a histogram or time series format.


String Attributes contain one or more values about the profile. For example, the Products Purchased Attribute might contain the values Jeans and Shirt. Segment allows you to search for String Attributes by specifying one or more values from a dropdown list. String Attributes can be graphed as a bar chart, distribution chart, or the sum or profiles.


Text Attributes are are slightly different to String in that they are not analyzed, usually because they contain a high cardinality of values. For example, the NPS Survey Comment Attribute would be configured in this way. Segment allows you to search for Text Attributes using boolean search operators. Text Attributes have no graph types, and simply display the total profiles.

The five value types

Those are our attribute types! Remember, if you get confused reading about Attributes, just come back here for a quick refresher!

April 29, 2024
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