Ongoing activations

Configure ongoing activations to update your audiences daily

Lexer Activate allows you to automatically update audiences to your selected integration. This gives you the ability to “set and forget”, and have your audiences continually send new profiles as soon as they’re captured.

What is an Ongoing Activation?

When you opt to auto-update, Lexer will add or remove customers from your audience, as they enter and leave your Segments. So for example, if you’re wanting to send a promotion to only new customers, you will need a Segment that looks for profiles with a customer record. By setting up an auto-updating audience, the next time this activation runs, a list of only the profiles that have appeared in the Segment (since the last time it ran) will be sent to your selected integration.

How to set up auto-activations

When configuring your Activation, just ensure you’ve selected Ongoing Activation. That’s it!

Editing your activation

To edit an activation, simply select it from the list and click Edit Activation. You’ll then be given the same options as when you first set up your Activation.

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