Troubleshooting tech issues

Your troubleshooting checklist to help self-diagnose tech problems

​The information here is designed to help overcome any tech issues you're experiencing. Be sure to read over this checklist before diving deeper into the details of specific errors

First thing’s first - the Lexer platform works best when:

  • Using Google Chrome. Check out our guide to choosing the right browser here
  • You’ve recently cleared your cache
  • You have recently restarted your computer

So, if things aren’t working the way they should, first:

  • Check for any known performance issues
  • Refresh your browser, and/or restart your computer
  • Clear your cache/cookies
  • Disable any browser extensions you have running, as these can sometimes impact performance
  • Try a different web browser
  • Check your connection, and run a speed test
  • Check to see if other websites and programs are working on your device
    If you’ve checked all of these options from your list, below are some more specific solutions.

General troubleshooting - Access & Performance

Login issuesDouble check your email and password are correct. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset by selecting Need help signing in? > Forgot Password?

If you've entered your credentials correctly, and find yourself in a login 'loop' (unable to proceed past the login page), you may need to disable your password manager, or login through a different/incognito browser

If you still require help, reach out to Lexer Support on the chat or by email: [email protected], or by contacting your organization’s account administrator.

Be sure to also check out the article on Managing your Account for more details.

Data not populating/slow load timesTry not to double-click. This will send a request for things to load twice, and may take twice as long

Check with your IT department for any known network issues

Check for any known platform issues

Review this article to ensure Lexer runs smoothly on your network​

Confirm that your integrated accounts are still connected to Lexer

General troubleshooting - Content

Missing messages

No new content in appearing in the Inbox queueCheck you’re logged in to the correct Hub, as some users may have access to more than one

Check the Tier Filters in your Deep Dive are configured to display open objects

Confirm you are included in the correct Group Permissions
Direct Messages aren’t loading, or you haven’t seen any new ones for a whileCheck you haven’t timed out - you may need to login again

Check for any known performance issues

Check the status of your integration - read more here

Content behaviour

Closed objects are appearing in your InboxCheck the Tier Filters in your Deep Dive are correct - this should be set to ‘all open objects’ or your company's equivalent. For more information on tier filters, read more here
I can’t respond to this user/message?The author has blocked your page so you will be unable to respond

The object has since been removed or deleted by the user (but will still be visible in Lexer)

The object is old (ie; pre 2014), and if this is the case, you can respond natively

** Further Reading
For more detailed info on troubleshooting content issues, check out our dedicated guides and please don’t hesitate to contact Lexer Support at [email protected] if you have any questions.
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