Connect your marketing, ecommerce, and social accounts with Lexer

Integrations allow you to connect your various digital channels with Lexer and enables you to push and pull data in and out of Lexer securely. In addition to connecting your accounts, you can also find other useful tools here, such as API Tokens, Forms, and Secure File Upload. In this article we will cover all the functionality of integrations and provide links to more detailed guides.

The list of integrations is divided into two categories: the top section displays the integrations you currently have connected or enabled, while the list below displays those that are not yet connected. Clicking an integration will open a column that contains more options, including the specific accounts you have connected, and buttons for disconnecting or reconnecting.

What types of integrations does Lexer support?

  • Marketing - send segments to these channels for marketing campaigns, and import engagement data.
  • Ecommerce - import and update your customer profiles with ecommerce transaction data.
  • Service - respond to posts, comments, and messages from your customers on these channels.
  • Other - a variety of other useful integrations and tools.

Integrating an account

Connecting your accounts requires that you have the necessary admin permissions on that account and that you have the Integrators permission given to one of the Groups you belong to in the Hub. Although each integration may have its own specific steps, the general flow is mostly the same for all.

Let's take a look at a typical integration flow using Twitter as an example:

  1. Click on the 'Twitter' tile in the list of integrations
  2. Click the 'Integrate Twitter' button
  3. Follow the authentication steps in the window that opens
  4. Specify the Lexer Groups who require access to this integration, and click 'Save'

Reconnecting an account

Your accounts may disconnect every now and then. This may happen when you change your password on that account, or if the person who connected the account with Lexer has their access removed. When an account becomes disconnected all users in your team that have the Integrator permission will receive an email notification with instructions to reconnect. To reconnect an account you will need to:

  1. Select the platform tile for the disconnected account
  2. Click on the specific account which requires reconnecting (displayed in red)
  3. Click the reconnect button and re-enter your login details

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