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A simple guide to access your account in Lexer

Welcome! We've created this quick guide to help you manage your account in the Lexer Hub. We'll take you through setting up your user account for the first time and troubleshooting any log in issues you might have.

Receive an invite to Lexer

All users in Lexer are invited by someone in the team with Manager permissions. Once your profile has been added to the Team list, you will receive an email inviting your to activate your account. Activation links can be used for up to seven days after the invite is sent. If you are trying to activate your account after seven days, please contact Lexer Support and we can send you a new invitation.


Create your password

Open the link in your email invitation to set your password and create your account. Once completed, you will be directed to the Lexer Hub to log in.


We're often asked for our password policy, so we've listed the requirements below:

  • Minimum length is 8 characters.
  • Must contain a lowercase character.
  • Must contain an uppercase character.
  • Must contain a number (0-9).
  • Does not contain part of your email.
  • Does not contain part of your first or last name.
  • Does not match a list of common passwords.
  • Is not one of your previous 3 passwords.

Enable multi-factor authentication

We take security very seriously. It is highly recommended that you use multi-factor authentication for your Lexer account. When you first log in, you may be prompted with the options to setup MFA using SMS or the Google Authenticator App. We've detailed these steps in our multi-factor authentication setup guide.

[#need-to-reset-your-password]Need to reset your password[#need-to-reset-your-password]

Follow the steps below to reset your password:

  1. Navigate to Lexer and click on Need help signing in and Forgot password?.
  2. Provide the email that is associated with your Lexer account and click Reset via Email.
  3. Open the Account Password Reset email in your inbox and click Reset Password.
  4. Create a new password for your account.

Password reset links are active for 3 days, after which the link will expire and you will need to start the process again.


There you go! Your account is all set up. If you need help, just go through the steps above or please reach out to Lexer Support at if you have any questions.

September 5, 2023
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