Ignored Senders

Learn how to ignore email addresses in your Respond workflow

If your team has connected email into your Respond workflow, you may be receiving emails from internal teams, automated systems, or even spam accounts. Although we can’t prevent some of this incoming content, we can stop it from impacting your reporting in Activity. Ignored Senders allows you to ignore email addresses that are known, or repeat authors of messages from accounts other than your customers. Let’s take a look at how this works and how you can set it up for your team.

How to configure your ignored senders

Simply navigate to Settings > Workflow and paste an email address into the Ignored Senders list, and click Save. Watch the demo video below to see this in action!

Now, any emails you receive from this author will be treated differently to your customers.

How it works

Once you have added an email address to the Ignored Senders list, it will…

  • Not generate or update cases against this author. As these types of authors are typically sending you a high volume of messages, it will ensure they’re not inflating your case volumes.
  • Not load the History tab when viewing messages from this author. As these types of authors are typically sending you a high volume of messages, it will ensure the History tab is not trying to display hundreds or thousands of unrelated emails.
  • Not be included in the recipient picker when you reply to any email that has listed the ignored email address as a recipient.
  • Not group multiple emails from this author in the inbox, allowing you to treat them as individual interactions. This is useful if you have an email address forwarding contact forms to your team inbox.


If I add an email to the Ignored Sender list, can it be removed?
Yes, you can remove an email from this list and it will allow you to interact with them normally.

Does this work for other integration types like Facebook and Twitter?
No, currently it is only supported for Email.

Will emails from ignored senders still appear in my inbox?
Yes, the emails will still appear in your inbox for you to triage and action.

Eliminate email clutter

We all know there’s nothing worse than having an inbox clogged with emails, but by configuring your Respond email you can eliminate that clutter and stop it from impacting your reporting activity. If you need help, just go through the steps above and read our FAQ, or please reach out to Lexer Support at support@lexer.io if you have any questions.

October 11, 2022
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