Troubleshooting Activate

Helpful tips for troubleshooting issues in Activate

Why can’t I access Activate?

Activate access is defined at the group level. Contact your account admin and request to be invited to a group that has permission to this feature. If none of your groups have access, get in touch with us via live chat.

Why is my audience failing to send?

Audience failures will send you an email and also display the error message when viewing the activation within Activate. Failures typically occur when your account has become disconnected, or the generation stage times out. We recommend re-running the activation. If this continues to fail, please get in touch via live chat.

How do I disable these emails?

Click your recent or auto-updating audience from within Activate to view the status and log for this activation. Click ‘Edit Activation’ and un-tick the notification open, and save. You will no longer receive email updates for this activation.

Why is my integrated account not appearing in Activate?

Activations involve a two-step process:

  1. Integrate your account - performed by you
  2. Configure the activation - performed by Lexer

The second step is performed by your account manager, and involves mapping the relevant customer attributes to each of the integration channels. These are typically configured during setup, but if you’ve added new accounts recently, get in touch via chat and we’ll set them up asap!

How is the addressable audience calculated?

Each network supports matching customers using different attributes, however most support matching on email. If your tribe contains 10,000 customers, but only 5,000 of these have an available match attribute (email), the addressable audience will be 5,000.

How do I understand my addressable audience from Identify?

We’ve included a table in Identify in the Attributes and Identities results to help you understand the number of identities that can be reached via each activation you have configured.

Why did my audience size decrease?

Audiences are very likely to reduce in size when you compare the results for your tribe to the audience ready for targeting in each of the networks. We may send 10,000 customers to Facebook, however not all of those customers are using Facebook with those emails, so they won’t all match. There is no way for us to identify the match rate until it has finished processing in your account.

Where are my audience attributes?

Attributes are automatically appended to the customers you included in an audience, provided you have enabled this option on the activation setup. The following attributes will appear in your Identify search under the source ‘Lexer’:

  • Included in audience.
  • Cumulative audiences
  • Sent to integration.
  • Sent to channel.

If you’ve sent customers to audiences via Activate and cannot see these attributes, please get in touch!

What channels can I send audiences to?

Lexer currently supports integrations with Facebook, Google and Twitter Ads. You can integrate your ad accounts in Integrate, and we support maintaining auto-updated audiences for each of these.

We also support custom audience exports using SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for channels not available using direct integrations. Please get in touch with your account manager to organize an SFTP activation.

Accepting terms

On behalf of security, privacy and data confidence, we ask that you take some time to read the terms behind our trust and compliance policy. Failing to acknowledge and agree with our trust and compliance policy will prevent you from making activations from Activate.

Common Activation Errors

Audience names

We have a couple of rules in place that help prevent audience delivery failure.

  • An audience can’t have the same name as another.
  • An audience name can’t exceed 100 characters.

Running the same audience twice

Multiple activations can run at the same time. The same activation will not be able to run twice at the same time. Trying to do this will show you an error, saying you can not run two activations at the same time.

Large audiences require approval

That’s right - for audiences over 3,000,000 identities, we need to be sure that you actually intend to send that information to prevent any unnecessary processing. So as a second step of authentication we’ll require you to get in touch with Lexer Support. Please reach out on the chat below for help with this.

Attribute not found

The attribute used in your channel is currently unavailable to you. Don’t fret! What this usually means is there’s a permission error or you’ve swapped between attributes. If you have selected a second attribute after having already selected a first, and filled out the rest of the form - hit refresh and give that another shot. Otherwise, get in touch with Lexer Support on the chat below, and ask about the attribute you’re trying to assign to a form or don’t have permission to use. We will help you get to the bottom of it.

Invalid SFTP directory

Making an activation using SFTP, will require a SFTP directory to be set up. Additionally - That SFTP directory will need to have activation configurations set up. To get a good understanding of whether or not this is the case, check out the SFTP form within Integrate. For more information on setting up an SFTP integration, check out the guide.

Invalid or missing Integration Configuration

Configuration occur when either a configuration is missing, or because your tribes may not match with the data points required in the configuration. To get a good understanding of configurations, check out the channels configuration using Integrate.

Invalid Value Transformer

You will see this error when selecting a value transformer for an activation configuration, that doesn’t match the values you’re transforming. An example of this may be trying to convert country codes into hashed emails.

An audience already exists with that name

When you create a new audience, or edit an existing one, you’re given the option to Create a new audience, or Update an existing audience in the Audience Settings. To resolve this error, go back and make sure you’ve selected Update an existing audience.

Still having trouble? Please get in touch.

Reach out to Lexer Support on the live chat below, or contact your Lexer Success Manager.

September 6, 2023
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