Out of the box segments

Out of the Box segments

Lexer provides all users with a series of helpful, auto-populated customer, demographic, transactional, and email segments so you can hit the ground running and easily put your customer data to work. In this article, we’ll walk you through these “out of the box” segments that will form the building blocks for the majority of the segments you will create.

Segment combinations

You can use our out of the box segments in combination, edit existing, or create your own new segments too!

Here are a few examples of how they can be used in combination:


And here's a comprehensive list of all the out of the box segments that Lexer can create for you:


Here are a few common use cases for these out of the box segments:

1. Identify your best customers
These customers include traits like high value, active, and multiple orders. Once these crème de la crème are identified, you can send segments to Facebook to create lookalike acquisition audiences to grow your brand and customer base.

2. Deploy RFM segmentation to all customers
Using the RFM model, you can easily identify and send high-value unsubscribed customers to Facebook, and re-engage them in a new channel. This is an effective way to remind the customers about your amazing brand and get them back onboard.

You can also easily identify and re-engage inactive and lapsed customers through RFM segmentation via a win-back campaign.

Alternatively, you can consider using these segments to identify and focus on your high-value customers while suppressing communication with your inactive customers.

3. Segment email offers by customer gender
Depending on your product launch, range or customer, you might want to send email offers only towards customers who you know will benefit from the email. The Male customers and Female customers segments will help to focus your audiences based on your campaign’s preferred target.

4. Identify your omni-channel customers
The sources of customers can be quite varied (ecommerce, retail and omni-channel), based on their purchase preferences and businesses’ mode of offerings. The customers can be retained in the respective segments or you can simply reach out to them all through the omni-channel altogether.

Further Reading

Our out of the box segments are an easy start to your customer data gathering journey, but there is much more you can learn, for segments are just the building blocks. You can read more about Segments here, and the Attributes that they use here.

December 14, 2022
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