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How to add and manage users in your team

Here are some simple instructions for adding and managing users in your Lexer account. You will need to belong to a Group with 'Manager' permissions to make these changes. If you are not part of the Manager Group, but should be, please reach out to Lexer Support.

Add a new user

Navigate to Manage > Team and click on the '+ New User' button in the bottom right corner of the screen. If this button does not appear for you, it means that you do not have the Manager permissions to perform this task. You will need to provide their Email, First Name, Last Name, Timezone, and select one or more Groups.

Edit user permissions

User permissions are controlled using Groups in Lexer. Each user is assigned to one or more Groups, which can provide access to products, specific features, or allow users to perform particular functions i.e. Manage other users. To modify which Groups a user belongs to, simply find their account in the Team list and click on it. Select which Groups this user should belong to and save.

Archive a user

Navigate to Manage > Team and click on the user in the team list. Clicking the 'Archive' button will archive this user in all accounts in Lexer. If you belong to multiple Lexer Hubs (i.e. different brands) this will revoke your access for all accounts. Archived users will need to be reactivated to access their account, which trigger an activation email with instructions to set their password again.

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