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Enrich your customer profiles with Experian data

Lexer’s CDP not only allows you to load your own 1st party data but also enables you to quickly turn on additional datasets to enrich your customer data. With 3rd Party datasets like Experian, the minimum level of data needed to effectively match records together differs for AU and US markets. For AU customers only a mobile number and/or email address is required, but for US customers a full address and/or email is required.


Who is Experian?

Experian is a global data aggregator and consumer credit reporting agency. They provide data and analytical tools to help businesses better understand and engage with their customers. Two of their products we’ll talk about in this article are ConsumerView and Mosaic.

Experian ConsumerView and Lexer

Experian ConsumerView is a marketing database of consumers around the world. It contains demographic, self-reported, life event, aggregated auto, aggregated credit, direct response, and property and mortgage information.

Data points included in ConsumerView are:

  • Name, address, phone, mobile, email, digital identity.
  • Detailed demographics and segments.
  • Transaction and purchasing measures.
  • Digital behavior and channel usage.
  • Life events and purchasing triggers.

Using deterministic matching, Lexer is able to unify your 1st party data to ConsumerView profiles, using linkage data such as email addresses, or mobile numbers. It's easy to integrate Experian data and — once unified — you can quickly leverage the enriched data source to better understand and target your customers. One common benefit of a unified dataset is the fleshing out of gender attributes to your customer database.

Experian Mosaic and Lexer

Experian Mosaic is a powerful household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation product that enables you to quickly segment and understand characteristics of your customer database. Lexer currently supports Mosaic Australia and Mosaic USA.

Mosaic is an out of the box customer segmentation tool you can use to quickly and effectively segment your customers. They appear as an attribute within the platform and can give you immediate insights on the make up and preferences of your customers.

Mosaic Australia

Experian’s Mosaic Australia is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation system that splits the Australian population into 14 Groups and 51 Types and layer the data over your own information for unparalleled insights. The 14 groups are:

Mosaic Groups Mosaic Name Description Household (%) Population (%)
A First Class Life Wealthiest group in Australia, typically older middle- aged families with significant assets and income. 5.51 6.87
B Comfortable Foundations Gen X families with school-aged children, working in white-collar professions and living in suburban areas. 6.88 7.29
C Striving for Status Young, successful, career-driven professionals living in central city areas with high income and no children. 4.92 3.57
D Secure Tranquility Affluent retirees living in higher valued properties in desirable areas. 7.54 9.51
E Family Fringes Middle-aged traditional families living on large outer- suburban plots, with comfortable incomes and long commutes. 5.00 6.70
F Establishing Roots Millennial first home buyers, living 10km+ from the city centre with above average income. 6.68 4.51
G Growing Independence Educated millennials at the start of their careers, renting apartments close to city centers. 5.99 3.94
H Middle Blue-collars Younger blue-collar workers renting far from city centers, with below average income. 8.35 6.16
I Traditional Pursuits Average income traditional families & single parents with school-aged children living in outer suburban and regional locations. 8.50 10.60
J True Grit Blue-collar households in gainful employment, residing in locations across outer suburban, regional and mining towns. 6.80 6.99
K Mature Freedom Gen X couples without children, renting apartments and terraces in high growth suburbs. 8.27 7.29
L Hardship & Perseverance Unemployed and blue-collar workers living in units and flats on low incomes. 8.52 7.25
M Graceful Aging Older retirees with below average income, living in owned properties or retirement villages. 10.65 13.27
N Rural Commitment Rural people working in agriculture, living on large plots of land far from main roads and main towns. 6.40 6.06

Learn more about Experian Mosaic Australia.

Mosaic USA

Experian’s Mosaic USA is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation system that classifies all U.S. households and neighborhoods into 71 unique types and 19 overarching groups, providing a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences, and habits. The 19 groups are:

Group Group Name
A Power Elite
B Flourishing Families
C Booming with Confidence
D Suburban Style
E Thriving Boomers
F Promising Families
G Young City Solos
H Bourgeois Melting Pot
I Family Union
J Autumn Years
K Significant Singles
L Blue Sky Boomers
M Families in Motion
N Pastoral Pride
O Singles and Starters
P Cultural Connections
Q Golden Year Guardians
R Aspirational Fusion
S Thrifty Habits

Learn more about Experian Mosaic USA. Download the Experian Mosaic USA E-Handbook.

How can I access Experian ConsumerView & Mosaic?

That's how Experian partner data works! If you'd like to gain access to Experian’s ConsumerView or Mosaic profiles, speak with your Lexer Success Manager.

September 23, 2022
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